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I have created an easy to follow guide with over 100 recipes , tips, and information on how to make good fulfilling vegan food ! Recipes range from simple to complex but after using this guide, even a beginner in the kitchen will be excited to cook up some vegan food!

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 Nya is a 28 year old foodie who decided to make a lifestyle change to go vegan over 4 years ago. Since she was able to cook , she has loved to create magic in the kitchen. She spent the last few years transforming and perfecting her favorite recipes to make them vegan and delicious. She loves flavor and variety and wanted to make sure her recipes reflected that. Nya has always loved good hearty meals that keep you warm through the winter,  refreshing treats that keep you cool through the summer, and delectable desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth. 

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Fried Cauliflower Bites

Lentil Tacos

Chocolate Chip Cookies

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